If you are experiencing low Wi-Fi speed, you should check the following:

Your devices

Your internet speed heavily depends on your network equipment (router)

Old devices

• The speed of your internet connection can be influenced by various factors related to your devices' hardware, such as the processor, network card, and memory. 

• Slow connection speeds may result from a corrupted, outdated, or improperly configured operating system on your devices. 

• Consider upgrading to a newer router if you are currently using an old one that may not match the speed capabilities of your internet package, as this can impede Wi-Fi speed.

• The location of your devices plays a crucial role; if your Wi-Fi router is distant from your devices, optimal internet speed may not be achieved. Using a wireless repeater can help boost the signal in such cases. 

• Physical obstacles like walls and metal objects between the router and devices can decrease Wi-Fi speed. To improve the signal, relocate away from metal barriers and objects like aquariums.

• Viruses or malware running in the background may connect to the internet and deplete network resources. Enhance security by installing antivirus software and conducting regular scans.

Number of connected devices

1) Safeguard your connection by implementing a Wi-Fi password to thwart unauthorized access. 

2) Only disclose the Wi-Fi password to individuals whom you have expressly authorized to use your network.


Your usage

Is everyone in the household engaged in activities like streaming music, online gaming, downloading videos, streaming movies, and sharing photos and videos? Increased internet consumption can lead to a slowdown in the connection. If you fall into the category of heavy users, it might be worthwhile to explore upgrading your plan in such instances.


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